The humble pot plant gets its moment of glory.


Where once the potted plant was the mainstay of a console table of the older generation, they are now enjoying a well deserved revival with a younger, more style savvy market.

The Seventies revival

It's not just the revival of all things seventies that has bought our attention back to the small interior house plant ( see our previous blog post for all things Seventies style). Customers are realising how lovely it is to be surrounded by greenery.  The beauty of the faux houseplant is that they are interchangeable, cost effective and work with pretty much any interior space - there's a lot of fun to be had with mixing up shapes, heights and styles of plant.

The indoor garden

Here at Fake It, we often talk about the merits of an indoor garden as you can very easily achieve a real style statement at a relatively low cost purely by using varied pot plants.  The trend for green walls is for most inaccessible, but the look can easily be achieved in a less structured way with a bank for shelves and individual pots.  Not only does this mean it is less permanent than a fully installed green wall, but also it is interchangeable should you see another plant specimen you like the look of.

A beautiful green wall made from gorgeous pot plants.

A beautiful green wall made from gorgeous pot plants.

Spider and cheese

If you're planning to go for the full retro look.  You can't go far wrong than combining the spider plant with the cheese plant.  Both have distinctive foliage but the glossy big leaves with giant splits of the cheese plant teamed with the variegated stripe fountain of the spider sit particularly well together.

The Fake It faux spider plant

The Fake It faux spider plant

The Fake It faux Cheese plant

The Fake It faux Cheese plant

Pot plants set for world domination

The shift from the cut flower look to the indoor garden revolution is rapidly creeping towards maintstream horticultural domination.  Ikea showed its house plants at the Chelsea flower Show for the first time this year, whist Alocasia was used and runway inspiration for this years Jasper Conran's runway shows.  Just a glance at any Pinterest interior shot these days will almost always feature a little green specimen.

Green up your gaff.

During the winter months, the easiest was to add colour and personality to a dark interior is to add some species plants.  Here at Fake It we have a huge collection to choose from and each work individually or as a beautiful grouping.  

Our love for pot plants shows no sign of abating.  We do however draw the line at giving them names and personalities....see Instagram feeds such as @jefferywolfgangvonplantypot and you may see what we mean!